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Meet Your Team

Julie Lokun, JD

Master's Certified Coach

The Facilitator of Dreams

Julie's vision for Crown and Compass Integrative Health Coaching,  offers an incredible value to her clients who are looking to heal their mind, body and spirit.  This approach infuses an expert team of coaches who provide individualized services.  As a collective of health facilitators we understand the journey and we understand that your relationship with food goes far beyond calorie counting.  We support our client's full experience and look to elevate all aspects of their lives to encourage sustainable change.


Tia Morell, H.N.C.

Holistic Nutritionist

Certified Coach

Tia leads the team as an expert in holistic nutrition.  Tia is trained as a health practitioner who elicits the power of food to cure common ailments.  Tia's compassionate, yet comprehensive approach to your journey in wellness is focused on starting with the basics and layering fitness and mental alignment into a realistic action plan.

Tia starts your journey with an individualized wellness plan that factors in the variables of your life. Her mission is to service those in need and work as a team to accomplish her client's health goals.

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