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We are the facilitators of dreams.

We are a compassionate team of credentialed coaches who will accompany you on you (and your family's) wellness journey. We understand that your wellness has so much more to do than the numbers on your scale. Our approach is mission based and we curate your wellness journey to accommodate different lifestyles and budgets.

See what our clients are saying

We know the struggle.  And we know it has much more to do than just the food we put in our mouths.  It is our relationship with the food and how it makes us feel.  It is our relationships with whom we surround ourselves.  It is the relationship we have with ourselves.  With so many variables in our lives the dynamic, been-there-done-that coaching team will have you rethinking the way you approach your wellness journey

The Crown & Compass Integrative Health Coaching Experience is a focused approach that is based on the foundation you bring a lot to the table and your wellness needs are different from anyone else's needs.  Our team designs a plan that seamlessly integrates a nuanced wellness plan that will elevate your health and get desired results, without deprivation.

Proven and Sustainable Results that Integrate into Your Life.

Our Coaching Team will work as hard as you do.

Benefits of our Coaching Method:​

  • Increased Energy and Stamina

  • Stylized Recipe Plan

  • Food Prescriptions that curtail health challenges

  • Innovative Exercise Options

  • Ongoing Support

  • Mastering Mindful Eating

  • Access to Health and Wellness Resources

  • Professional Assessments

  • Weight Loss

  • Overall Life Satisfaction

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Meet Your Wellness Coaches


Julie Lokun, JD,

Masters Certified Coach


Tia Morell

Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Certified Coach


Julie is strategy-driven and engenders trust while adhering to a whole-life perspective on her client's wellness goals. She cross-pollinates   the mind-body-spirit connection in elevating awareness and overall life satisfaction. Julie has a deep understanding that your journey is more about the numbers on the scale, it is about the intimate relationship you have with food.

Tia leads the team as an expert on holistic nutrition.  Tia is trained as a health practitioner who elicits the power of food to cure common ailments.  Tia's compassionate, yet comprehensive approach to a journey in wellness is focused on the basics and layering fitness and mental alignment into your action plan.

Julie is one of the most personal, genuine people I can say that I’ve had the pleasure to meet. Julie’s heart is all in this.
You will not find any sweet talk manipulations with this kind lady.
Julie is as sincere as they come.
Such a Joy to have been privileged to have met her.
Nellie Quist

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